Author: guerray

As a former teacher and school administrator, I have always wanted to help children succeed. Little did I know that having my own kids would amp up my desire to make the world a better place for all children. I am a single mom of two…a smart, articulate and loveable middle schooler and a bright, free-spirited Autistic elementary schooler. I am a life-long learner. I believe that education is power, and learning happens in different ways. Some things we learn in a book but many more things come from experiences. Years ago, I made the conscience decision to have more experiences with my children and less stuff. I also came to understand that when it comes to having children it really does take a village and I am blessed to have surrounded myself with a diverse group of really good people. My hopes are like any parent. I want what’s best for my kids. I want to raise children who are kind, honest, loving and citizens of the world. I want to watch them grow, follow their heart and truly become who they are meant to be.