What to Do When Your Life is SERIOUSLY Stressing You Out! (silly story)

woman biting pencil from stress

woman biting pencil from stress

I staggered into Starbucks this morning with my usual awkward juggling act. You may know the routine. I’m juggling my phone between my chin and shoulder, I have on a shiny silk blouse so of course, my phone is sliding dangerously forward, making me look like I’m racing to see which one of us is going to make it to the counter first. Then I have my laptop case slung hazardously over my other shoulder and my purse, well, of course, my purse I forgot in the car, now it’s snugly sitting in the passenger seat.

After securing my favorite stress relieving flat white, triple pump caramel cup of deliciousness, I get myself nestled into the corner “office” table and prop my laptop up against the glare, taking my first sip of the nectar of the gods, and settle in to catch up on my emails. Then “it” happens. I’m sure you can relate.

iced mocha with straw at Starbucks

Two women plop down in the comfy chairs next to me and begin to play the “my kid is worse than your kid” game, unfortunately quite loudly. Of course, my earbuds are where? In my purse, which is where? In my car. These poor women and the stories they regaled each other with, one had to do with unclothed teenagers and pot, and not the flower kind. The stories were truly at times unbelievable, except for the fact they had pictures on their iPhones to prove it to each other. The stress at home stories quickly turned to stress at work drama. That’s when I finally threw my hands up (on the inside) over trying to ignore them and just sat pretending to work on email. After a few minutes of hearing them play “blame it on everyone else board-game” and “stabbed me in the back monopoly” I started writing this article! So here are some easy (thank God) ways to de-stress at work, because Lord knows you have enough stress at home, you definitely don’t need to bring it to work!

Get Relief From Stress… RIGHT NOW!!! Gosh Darn It! 😉

stress relief this way sign

Step 1: De-Stress Your Jams Start your work day with music or a podcast that relaxes you. When you’re on your way to work, don’t turn on the loudest angriest radio station and get your blood pressure surging through the roof. Instead, bring your most exciting most entertaining podcast to jam out to in the car. When you are invested in something uplifting and exciting, it automatically lifts your attitude and your spirits. When you can start your day in a positive way, the rest of the day will follow!

Step 2: Invest in Gratitude In a great article written by @Laurieerdman one of the things she recommends is we stop complaining, whether to ourselves or other people. I love that idea. Now that your mind is focused on something nice and exciting, you can give yourself permission to let the negativity go and focus on objects and situations you like and appreciate. I know when I listen to a podcast about my interests it fires my brain up to think more about topics I favor. Once your mind has stopped the negative chatter, it’s the perfect time for postulating on people and items you are grateful for. Start with the easy things. I’m grateful for food and clean water and fresh air to breath and being born and having opportunities. This will set your mind up to look for other things to be grateful for the rest of the day!

Step 3: Pinpointing Your Purpose is Powerful Remember you are more than your job. You are more than your children. You are more than your job, oh I already said that! It is so powerful when you can pinpoint your purpose other than pleasing clients, children and the snippy woman behind you at the checkout counter! Remember when you were growing up and you dreamed of being a trapeze artist? Okay, so that was me. But remember when you wrote in your journal or your played with clay or you took a woodworking class or you wanted to be a movie director? What is your passion now? I find Passion and Purpose are Perfectly Positioned to Propel Your Pulse! Find what excites and thrills you, then simply do more of that and invest time in looking forward to participating in your passion. Suddenly you realize all the crazy-ness at work doesn’t have to become personal and it doesn’t have to involve you, and no you don’t have to figure it all out right now. We are human after all, so remember to ask for help when you need it, heck, ask for help if you think you need it!

Here’s to a seriously de-stressed rest of your week. Share this with your co-workers and maybe you can start a de-stress lunch club! Or maybe because you shared helpful tips with them, they’ll buy you lunch, that’s good too.

Take good care of yourself,

Allison Mook Co-founder Bullipatrol… Stopping the Mean Behind the Screen

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I love everything about being a wife, mother, and fierce supporter of people doing the right thing. I struggle daily with using the right amount of technology and not wanting it to take the place of true connections with the people I care about. Social media is both a gift and curse, particularly when it's used to bully and belittle people. Words should be used to show caring, compassion, and love. That's why I'm the co-founder of BulliPatrol, an online service partnering with concerned parents to navigate the wild world of "social media". Together we can fight the negative effects of cyber bullying on our children.

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