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Funny Mommy Quotes

So we all know that to be a Mom you must have a seriously great sense of humor.  Smiles and laughs make being a Mom fun. Sometimes you are laughing at yourself, but mostly the kids are laughing at you! Am I right?  I was a nanny for awhile which really is like a Mommy on a rental program! I love kids and I could always spot a Mom at our restaurant even when she didn’t have said precious cargo balanced on one hip.


There are tell-tale signs you know of being a Mommy. The overdeveloped biceps on your dominant arm is not the only sign you know 😉

It can usually slip right past the untrained eye but to a former nanny, it’s an all too common sight. What is this undercover mommy sign?

Well if you’re a mommy to a baby it’s the mashed chunk of bananas on the back of your shoulder. If you’re mommy to a toddler it’s the mashed graham cracker and banana on the back of your knee!

Okay, enough of my mushy sentiment and on to “Funny Mommy Quotes.”

“Nothing is truly lost UNTIL Mom can’t find it!”

“I hate that awkward time in pregnancy when people can’t tell if you’re pregnant or just fat!”

A stranger comes up and rubs my tummy and says, “Aww. Do you know what it is?” I say, “Well, we’re hoping it’s a baby!”


Said to my husband, “Honey, I’m not arguing. I’m explaining why I’m right.”

I’m at the ” What can I make with green beans and cake mix.” stage of needing to go grocery shopping.

Don’t you just love those 12 seconds that all the laundry is done?

If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereal. It’s science..

Everyone is having babies and I’m over here like, “Look at these 500 pictures of my dog.”

We DON’T EAT things we find in the couch!… Is something I apparently say now.

Son: “Mom, I want to play with Slime.” Mom: “Honey,  you weren’t careful last time, you put it in your sister’s hair.”  Son: “I did it carefully.”


“You don’t hit!” ( as I popped my son on the butt)… quickly adding “Your Brother!”

Well I hope you enjoyed a little Ha Ha this morning. Thank you to all the Mommies of Pinterest for sharing their funny moments!

Take time today to chuckle at yourself and laugh heartily with your children, or at your children, which over works best for you! 😉

Talk soon,

Kristi Linebaugh

Helping people feel better through healthy food and good stories, is my passion. I was a chef and co-founder of an award-winning restaurant for 22 years. In that time my business partner and I also started and continue to run a seasoned olive oil company, Vigoa Cuisine. We just finished our third book and travel the U.S sharing our healthy cooking techniques at live events, to date we have done over 800 events. You can find our healthy seasoned olive oils on Amazon Etsy Stay connected and let me know how you are doing :-)

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