Spirit Day and Offline October

A group of high school students in Littleton Colorado had an epiphany. Let’s live a story instead of post a story. Because of suicides in recent years in the little town of Littleton, a group of students came up with the idea of Offline October. The Today Show did a great segment on it today. It’s a time for students to focus on living life with each other face to face and enjoying time together outside with friends in support of kindness.

kids outside

As we know our children are facing a barrage of bullying online through social media. Studies show that only 1 out of 10 kids who get bullied ever report it to a parent and those that are bullied are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide.

Cyberbullying is so pervasive and easier to get away with than in-person bullying, we have all seen the negative comments left on websites by “anonymous bullies”, imagine those vicious remarks coming straight to your child’s cell phone. Bullying can happen in a slew of different ways. Over 50% of students have been bullied and have bullied online and 1 in 3 students have received threats. Here’s just a short list of how it happens:

  • Students sending hurtful, mean or disgusting texts or emails to a students cellphone
  • Starting rumors or creating web pages to bully and threaten students
  • Targeting the social network page or individual students for negative and hurtful posts
  • Stealing personal account info and sending damaging messages
  • Using false identities to hurt people
  • Taking pictures that are unflattering or private and spreading on other cell phones
  • Sending sexual photos or suggestive pictures

a bullseye on a shirt against bullying

Add into the mix students who are gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBTQ) you will get even higher statistics of bullying and threats along with not feeling safe in school. In school incidents, 63.5% of LGBTQ students who reported harassment said the staff did nothing about it or were told to ignore it. 57.6% of LGBTQ students feel unsafe in their schools because of their orientation.

Today is #spiritday a day to support the LGBTQ community of students and speak out against bullying. Go purple today and support our student’s safety and right to be themselves. Help keep all our students safe from cyberbullying and harassment in our schools.

Take good care of yourself,

Kristi Linebaugh


Please share with your family and friends and help us raise awareness of cyberbullying. If you hear a friend or family member struggling with bullying at school or work, please share resource page with them, because not all bullies are on the playground

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