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How to Be Happy

To be or not to be… Happy! How to be happy sounds a bit odd in this world of instant satisfaction. I know I’ve spent decades pondering the ins and outs of feelings. When I was at University I majored in feelings, so to speak, I was well on my way to becoming a private practice therapist. Then one day it dawned on me. I can only be truly responsible for my own happiness. I thought if I threw the rope out often enough my clients would latch on and I could pull them to the shore of happiness. There are times and people in my life that have swum towards me as I pulled them, but often times they seem to swim farther out to sea dragging me with them!

So I chucked it all and opened a coffee house! You may think it sounds crazy, but I’ve got 20 years worth of Cafe Latte customers to prove it! The funny thing is I still seemed to “counsel” people that came to the cafe. It seems a heart for helping cannot be shut off by a few cups of strong coffee 🙂

So I still love telling an encouraging story and giving an uplifting word in the ear of people I encounter every day, but what has changed is me. I’ve decided that I don’t have to feel responsible to save everyone because we all live our lives exactly how we want, anyway. So now I can do what makes me happy which is making people smile and floating encouragement downstream and those that are fishing by that shore will encounter them as they bob on by, Hope floats it’s been said.

So to truly be happy I learned what I was all about. I had to spend a little time by myself.

What do I like to do when I have quiet time what do I enjoy doing with friends. I spent some time journaling in a happy place and really seeing what makes me tick. It’s so helpful in stressful times to write it all out, who knows you may be surprised what’s inside!

Figure out what excites and motivates you. Do you have a project you’ve always wanted to do or a book you want to write or a class you want to take, or a business you want to open? What gives you that little flutter of excitement in your tummy when you think of it, besides chocolate cake!

Take a look at your relationships, look at who is in your playground. Are you surrounded by bullies and people who make fun of you and pull your hair or kick you in the knee. As children, it was easy to identify a bully, as adults they become much more stealth. They may not pull your pigtail but they do make fun of your dreams and tell you you’ll never accomplish anything because you never have done it. Look around and see if maybe you need to change playgrounds and playmates, if your friends aren’t helping you and encouraging your dreams but are pulling you down, pack up your barbies and your bat and ball and take off to greener pastures.

Sometimes How to be Happy is easier than we all make it out to be. Today you can choose that no matter where you are at in your life or relationships you can find a sliver of happiness wedged into your busy day. Look for Hope, you’ll find it in the most unexpected places.

Till next time take good care of yourself (put your oxygen mask on first!),

Kristi Linebaugh


If you hear a friend this week who’s child is struggling with bullying or cyberbullying, please share with them, it’s a site that monitors bullying on social media owned by a Mom who’s passionate to protect our children.

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