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How to get more energy naturally… Fight the Monster

Believe it or not, what you eat really does impact your energy levels, and it all starts in the morning.

a box of mixed doughnts with sprinkles

If I eat a doughnut or pancakes I might as well say… night night buttercup! If I have a bagel with cream cheese I might swing it but I can only eat half at a time. Carb loading is a sure way to plan an energy slump. I remember in college I would start the day with a huge cup of coffee with a ton of amaretto creamer, aka sugar sugar sugar; I’d be asleep halfway through class. I remember a professor congratulating me on having the ability to fall sound asleep right in front of him!

Really the best way to start the day is with a protein a carb and a fruit for fiber. Hows a couple of eggs a little oatmeal and a tangerine or apple sound? I know for me I have to have protein in the A.M to last the day.


Here’s a list of four ways you can have more energy throughout the day.

  • Eat at regular times, don’t skip meals, avoid processed carbs & chemical laden foods.
  • Control your stress use meditation or breathing exercises to ease your mind
  • Lighten your load, share your concerns with a friend then let it go, usually what you worry about never happens, but it does zap your energy worrying about it all day.
  • Talk to yourself! Yep talking to yourself in a certain way helps regulate your emotions relieving stress. But there’s a technique!

One of my favorite ways to get more energy naturally is Eating!!! Yeah me!

Natural juice in the blender is much better than a juice which strips the fiber out of the veggies. I love to throw a carrot in the blender with a handful of baby greens and a chunk of ginger and slice of lemon. Instant energy! Skip the store-bought juice as it’s like candy bars in a cup!

Also a nice bit of apple with peanut butter or a handful of walnuts and pecans maybe a bit of blueberry on top of a peanut butter sandwich, and a bit of cheese. Or my favorite snack. I once left an apple in the car and it got hot but I was hungry and only had the hot apple and walnuts, low and behold I ate them together and they tasted like Apple Pie!

Oh okay, now I’m hungry!

Till next time,


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