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Taking time away from the computer with our School-Aged Kids

Kids are obsessed with your phone and tablet, we all know you want to quiet your kids you hand them a device to stare at. According to 2017 statistic kids under 9 spend over 2 hours a day online. I suspect that is way under actual viewing times. Just think of it. If you go to a restaurant and it takes 45 minutes to an hour; that’s just one hitch at the screen. Imagine care rides, waiting at the doctor office, riding in the car, at the grocery store. It’s convenient for parents but maybe not so good of an idea for the kids.

We all know times they are a changing, we don’t usually hear parents talking about their kids not wanting to come in the house when it gets dark. When I was little it was a rule that by dusk you better be in the house. Seems like a lot of times kids spend most of their days inside. A study in the UK pointed to the over 8 hours of playtime our generation spent outside compared to the 4 hours our kids spend. In another study, 10% of children had not been in a park or rural outdoor setting or beach in over a year.


Part of the problem is parents have so much going on taking the kids to the forest or the beach may seem to be a major undertaking. But it is easy to go to a park and have a picnic one night for dinner or go for a treasure hunt on Sunday afternoon in a local national park or playground. It’s about creating a schedule for fun. Remember going to the park and having a barbeque or going to the swimming pool and having snacks. How about going to an outside concert with the kids and having a candlelight picnic.


Make outdoors fun again. Many parents let fear of strangers prevent them from letting their kids play outside. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many places that are safe for kids to play. How about a good old fashioned backyard playhouse or even cooler, a treehouse! You remember what was fun when you were little, it’s probably still fun for your kids, hula hoop anyone? Okay so maybe I’m not as talented with multiple hulas but I could manage one!

What did you use to do that was fun when you were growing up. We always played kick the can, remember that one? Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite childhood outside game.

Till next time,

Take good care, Kristi Linebaugh


Helping people feel better through healthy food and good stories, is my passion. I was a chef and co-founder of an award-winning restaurant for 22 years. In that time my business partner and I also started and continue to run a seasoned olive oil company, Vigoa Cuisine. We just finished our third book and travel the U.S sharing our healthy cooking techniques at live events, to date we have done over 800 events. You can find our healthy seasoned olive oils on Amazon Etsy Stay connected and let me know how you are doing :-)

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