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Hurricane Season and Asthma

hurricane picture from space

Hurricane season is upon us, whether we are ready or not, Hurricane Francis is bearing down on North Carolina right as I write this. I lived in North Carolina for many years and my heart and prayers are with all of our brothers and sisters in the hurricane’s path.

So much of our time and attention is on preparation for boarding up our houses and businesses, getting drinking water and gas for generators, charging all the devices and making sure you have enough food for pets and people.

It’s easy to forget the aftermath of allergies associated with massive storms, power outages and the mold and other contaminates rampant after a massive storm. The season is from June 1 through Nov. 31st children and adults must take precautions to prevent or calm an asthma episode during a natural disaster.

hurricane wind in palm trees

Stock up on Meds

During evacuations or if you stayed in your home you may be without power for days to weeks. In that time pharmacies will be low on supplies or totally closed. Always make sure you have your meds filled and have a back up just in case.

Keep your doctor information close at hand and if you have nebulizers make sure you have enough batteries to last. Always keep your insurance cards in a safe place as well. In Ziplocs inside a dry cooler is the best place for important documents and meds during a storm.

Be Safe When Cleaning Up the MESS

muddy kids shoes

Mold and dust along with all other debris after a storm is a huge problem for homeowners. If you have water damage or other damage make sure you are safe while cleaning up. It’s recommended to use masks rated at N95. Being exposed to the allergens in the air as well as your home after water or other debris is in place, can trigger asthma or other allergic reactions.

The Safest Way to Clean Up After a Disaster

After you have done the initial rescue of moving furniture and precious memories out of harm’s way. If you have other damage that could cause mold. The safest thing to do is what Miriam and I did when we had our restaurant destroyed by a flood. Call in the professionals to help or do the job completely. Taking a chance with your health to try and save some money on clean up, is never money well saved!

If you are convinced you must help clean up. Be sure to wear enclosed goggles as well as masks and gloves. Always keep your skin covered and change clothes immediately after working with the debris. As I always say, “I’m not a Doctor, well I’m also not a Mold and allergy specialist”. So please ask for help if you are cleaning up and let’s all hope for the best in this Hurricane Season.

Be safe out there,



Let us know your storm readiness ideas we haven’t shared here.



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