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Evening Routine for School Year 2019

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It’s the end of Summer and back to school is calling. It’s transition time, you have certainly seen that commercial of parents gleefully buying school supplies for 2019 while their children lag behind them with horrified looks on their faces as the classic Christmas song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” 

plays in the background.  That scene captures EXACTLY how every parent feels right about now.

Think about it, this is Christmas….for parents!

There’s shopping for our gift list  (isn’t that nicer than school supplies list) like clothing, notebooks, backpacks, lunch boxes, markers, Clorox wipes and don’t forget the gallon of hand sanitizer.  But we, the parents get the real gift, kids back at school.

As a mom of two school-age children, I am not going to lie, that is EXACTLY how I feel about my kids returning to school.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having the kids at home but unless you have a sack of money to send them to camps, it’s your responsibility to entertain them, aka keep them busy or stay out of their way 😉

kid running toward screen with hands held up

Summer is awesome, the staying up late and sleeping in.  Pool parties, play dates, family outings to the beach or park, travel to fun places and just time to do nothing at all.  That’s summer!

But all good things must come to an end…for the kids that is!

Kids back at school means routines and schedules.  Order returns to the family life once again.

Part of “Best Morning Ever” routine is to have a “Best Night Ever” routine! For school-age kids, and let’s not kid ourselves, for parents as well. We all need a little organization in our lives to make the slide to school a little less bumpy!

3 Things to do the Night before to make the Morning of, Easy.

Make a list for tomorrow. We all have things we think of in the evening that we want to get done the next day. Usually, a crying kid or a barking dog distracts us and we rush out without doing them. So make a list the night before and have it ready to cross off before you leave for the day!

Night Night, Buttercup 😉 Have an “I’m winding down for the night,” routine. Take some time to put on your favorite p.j’s, brush your teeth maybe even put on a facemask (no not the werewolf one!), give yourself time to relax and feel calm before tucking yourself in bed.

Lights out! I know my favorite thing is to run through social media feeds and look at a video while in bed to try and relax or maybe catch up on the last episode of your new Netflix addiction until you fall asleep. But studies have shown that watching a screen makes your brain feel stimulated and will actually keep you awake. So a better plan is to turn off the screens 30 minutes before bed and listen to relaxing music or daydream, or night dream maybe 😉 till you drop off.

old fashioned alarm clock

Parents need routines just as much as kids do.  It’s wonderful to push pause on your schedule for the summer but when school opens up it’s like everything falls back into place and we as a family move forward.

So while the kids enjoy their final days of summer,  I will be counting down the days in my head and be singing………”It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

Till next time,

Yolanda Guerra


Whenever you are ready here is another way we can help you with a great school year. If you hear a parent whose child is struggling with cyberbullying please share the Bullipatrol resource page with them.



About guerray

As a former teacher and school administrator, I have always wanted to help children succeed. Little did I know that having my own kids would amp up my desire to make the world a better place for all children. I am a single mom of two…a smart, articulate and loveable middle schooler and a bright, free-spirited Autistic elementary schooler. I am a life-long learner. I believe that education is power, and learning happens in different ways. Some things we learn in a book but many more things come from experiences. Years ago, I made the conscience decision to have more experiences with my children and less stuff. I also came to understand that when it comes to having children it really does take a village and I am blessed to have surrounded myself with a diverse group of really good people. My hopes are like any parent. I want what’s best for my kids. I want to raise children who are kind, honest, loving and citizens of the world. I want to watch them grow, follow their heart and truly become who they are meant to be.

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