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End of Summer Panic! 3 Last Minute Bonding Activities For You And Your Child

August is here. Wow…where did the summer go?

Remember back in June when we pledged to spend more quality time with our kids and do some bonding and let’s not forget we wanted to create special moments before school starts again?

How many times do we make plans in our head and then, as usual, Surprise, life gets in the way. Now we’re left, feeling guilty! Pack your bags, you’re going on a guilt trip Let’s give ourselves a break and dump those bags 😉

Ok! I call, “Do Over!”, starting today let’s look forward to these last few weeks of freedom for our kids. It doesn’t matter if you have a new kindergartener or a high schooler, these ideas will make the final days of summer meaningful for everybody.

Little kid walking on the beach

1. If you were lucky enough to take a full-on vacation you have no doubt already created some super memories. And what about all those awesome vacation pics, why not print all those—the good, bad, and the ugly– then create an “old-fashioned” scrapbook?

Have your tech-savvy child pick out the images, print, and arrange however they want into a cute photo book or binder. Make it a group effort and work together with your kids. How about some funny quotes and captions?

Young kids will love adding stickers and drawings. Head over to your local craft store to stock up on all the fixings for the scrapbook. This little treasure will likely be looked at, laughed at, and cherished for years (who knows when you could use it, to embarrass, err I mean share with your kids!) and what a great reminder of the summer of 2018.

2. Going back to school creates a smorgasbord of emotions for our kids. Excitement, anxiety, fear, joy, you name it! To ease into the new school year, why not host a back to school party with your kid’s friends and make the theme of the party to talk about their hopes and plans for the new year?

Here’s a cute idea.

Have a bowl on the table with pre-printed questions that give insight to their thoughts and feelings. For example: Name three things that make you excited to go back to school. What are you a little scared about? Who are you looking forward to seeing again and why?

Who was your favorite teacher last year and why?Cartoon teacher with glasses on her nose

Who are you NOT looking forward to seeing? (this question offers clues for potential bullying). There are numerous websites that can help with question ideas. Older kids, as we all know … will roll their eyes at the suggestion of this game, but they will be intrigued and little by little as curiosity will creep in.

3. Plan a “back to school prep day”.  It’s a chore that needs to be done anyway– why not make shopping for school supplies and the latest fashion trends a fun activity?

This is not only stressful on the wallet but the mind as well, why not include stress relievers as part of the day? Go grab a mani, pedi or massage or grab a few minutes of exercise, a half hour playing at the puppy store. Or, and this is my favorite, an ice cream break. Visit your favorite quiet spot in a park to meditate or say prayers for a good/safe/successful new school year, prayers for the students, teachers, and friends.

I hope these ideas help make a special moment for you and your child before the start of a new, happy and healthy school year.

Till next time,

Stephanie Torre


Here’s another way you can benefit your child. 20 Ways to Make Back to School Fun

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