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Back to School, Back to Reality

kids getting on school bus

Sneakers standing in pile of notebooks and pencils

It’s… Back to School Time!  The sound of parents cheering and children moaning echo throughout the universe as the Summer comes to a screeching halt and preparations are made for the first day of school.

Make a “get ready for school” checklist and check it twice!

Wow!  Where did the summer go?

I can’t believe my kids are finally going back to school! Can you sense my excitement?   I don’t know why the kids are so sad?  It’s a fresh start.  They are getting new clothes and new crayons.  They will be making new friends and the teachers have yet to find out how crazy my kids really are! 🙂

Yesterday, when my kids and I walked into the store, we were welcomed by a barrage of school supplies (maybe I’ll do my school supply list from Amazon next time!) I smiled at my middle schooler and in a low growl he said: “Don’t even talk about it”.  My 9-year-old stood next to him with a glazed look on her face and said nothing.

sleeping boy with dog

The truth is, the countdown has begun (actually it began the last day of school for me!) we have activated the process of getting back to the reality of school life.   We’ve started going to bed early, I have them doing some refresher school work to get back into the idea of learning (I know, I’m so mean) and we have our school supply shopping list to guide us during the tax-free holiday (thank you 8% discount).

All this prep work will lead us up to the first day of school.  Truth be told, although it’s the kids going back to school, so are us, parents.  Think about it, we are the ones needing to do all the prep work…the shopping (clothes, school supplies, lunches, snacks) the extra-curricular planning (competitive soccer and dance classes for my kids), set up carpool, maneuver pick-up/drop-off times, bus routes, meet the teacher, pick up their schedules and on and on and on.

Phew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

In the end, we want our kids to be prepared and ready to take on the school year.  Without us doing all the legwork this would not happen.

Silhouettes of people dancing

So even though us parents continue to do the back to school happy dance and kids moan and groan throughout it all,  we should feel confident that our kids will be ready for whatever the school year brings them.

Here are two tips out of 10 from a great blog Land O’Moms (I love her 3rd tip) for a smooth morning blast off to school.

1.) Pack lunches the night before and put the entire lunch box in the fridge. The kids just grab it before they go out the door.

2.) Let the kids pick out their clothes the night before and lay them out, even socks and shoes.

Till next time,

Yolanda Guerra


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As a former teacher and school administrator, I have always wanted to help children succeed. Little did I know that having my own kids would amp up my desire to make the world a better place for all children. I am a single mom of two…a smart, articulate and loveable middle schooler and a bright, free-spirited Autistic elementary schooler. I am a life-long learner. I believe that education is power, and learning happens in different ways. Some things we learn in a book but many more things come from experiences. Years ago, I made the conscience decision to have more experiences with my children and less stuff. I also came to understand that when it comes to having children it really does take a village and I am blessed to have surrounded myself with a diverse group of really good people. My hopes are like any parent. I want what’s best for my kids. I want to raise children who are kind, honest, loving and citizens of the world. I want to watch them grow, follow their heart and truly become who they are meant to be.

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