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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Leftovers

healthy pizza with sliced tomatoes and spinach

young boy eating a cupcake with chocolate on his mouthWhat’s the hardest thing for you to get your kids to eat? Veggies or leftovers? How about leftover veggies, well it’s all in how you look at it!

At our restaurant, we heard parents all the time struggling to get their kids to eat healthily. Usually, the only way to get veggies in their mouth is if they were swimming in Ranch dressing. Here’s a healthy recipe for Ranch, if they still need a little swim.

platter of tomatoes cauliflower carrots and ranch dressing

I mean really, wouldn’t we all just rather have cupcakes for dinner? I remember one time in college I was babysitting and the little boy told me, “Mom said I could have ice cream and cake for dinner.” I said, “That’s a great idea… for me, but you’re having chicken and rice!”

It’s funny, there seemed to be a magic thing that happened in the kitchen of our restaurant that parents didn’t have at home. We made a veggie pizza the parents would order for themselves and end up fighting their kids over to get a piece. 😉

veggie pizza

Without fail, the parents would ask me, “How in the world do you get my kids to eat veggies here when they won’t have anything to do with them at home?” Well, we did use our secret sauce and that’s half the battle, but I think the fact that you call it a pizza helps you sneak in a multitude of goodness.

If your child has dairy allergies you can use a variety of dairy-free cheese , while hummus was always a winner.

healthy pizza with sliced tomatoes and spinach

We always teach our cooking students to create a “Homemade Pizza Night” with their leftovers. Suggesting they make it a family affair by setting out their leftover veggies in bowls or small plates will get everyone involved.  There are a ton of different ways for everyone to make their own pizza using leftovers, like a chicken artichoke and spinach pizza right next to a steak tomato and feta pizza with hot peppers.

The best thing is, you don’t really need pizza crust. We always have pita available. It’s not just easy to freeze and have any time, but you can bake your homemade pizza in 5 minutes. That’s faster than the drive-thru! Who wants to heat up the oven, just do a toaster oven.

Still, have leftovers you say? Well scramble some eggs and throw the leftovers in there for a big scramble, scoop them into a tortilla, add a little cheese, and wrap up till morning. The best dern breakfast burritos you never did have. 😉

Take good care and stay connected,

Kristi Linebaugh

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