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3 things you can do with your kids on the 4th of July

What’s your favorite story from 4th of July as a kid? For me, the best 4th of July celebrations was being surrounded by my family. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a small town and going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in the country was a favorite.

All my little cousins ended up running around the farm chasing each other with sparklers. Then there were the older kids, like my brother and cousins, shooting bottle rockets at each other. No doubt, one of the best “worst ideas” of the 4th of July!

It made me wonder how much “less trouble” we would have gotten into if we’d had crafts to do, just for us kids. So here’s to fewer sparkler wars and fights over lawn chairs, and not so many grey hairs for Mom’s and Dad’s, as a bonus!

Start the day with kids making their own 4th of July breakfast toast. This recipe is simple, slightly sticky, and delish! Maybe they’ll make yours too, one could only hope! Here’s the recipe. Bananas, jelly, and Blueberries, oh my! It’s by Deborah of Taste and Tell Blog

Our second fun thing you can do with your kids on the 4th of July is equally as delicious. It’s a great healthy snack for your kids to look forward to later in the afternoon. The original recipe is a bit more involved for 4th of July popsicles they are beautiful and if you have time, knock yourself out, and save one for me! There is a simpler recipe for the more harried parent, but let’s face it, isn’t everybody a bit harried? The Harvest Kitchen has an awesome coconut water popsicle recipe that is super healthy and pretty! Zip Bang Boom you’re done!


Next up, grab the cookie cutters. You know, the ones you inherited from your Grandmother and haven’t used in a really long time? Slice the watermelon and have the kids cut the hearts out and serve them on top of everyone’s ice cream. Or alternatively, put them on top of a skewer lined with blueberries and marshmallows as a patriotic shish-ka-bob.

And finally, my favorite activity for the kids. Shaving cream fireworks! Who wouldn’t love that?! It’s from Jenae who has a fantastic blog called I Can Teach My Child. It is such a great idea and will absolutely keep the kids entertained! Here’s the recipe for Shaving Cream Fireworks and it just might become new favorite.

Here’s to a fantastic 4th of July for you and yours. Remember, Be Gentle & Kind, it’s the Love we want to stick in their mind.

Talk soon,

Kristi Linebaugh





Helping people feel better through healthy food and good stories, is my passion. I was a chef and co-founder of an award-winning restaurant for 22 years. In that time my business partner and I also started and continue to run a seasoned olive oil company, Vigoa Cuisine. We just finished our third book and travel the U.S sharing our healthy cooking techniques at live events, to date we have done over 800 events. You can find our healthy seasoned olive oils on Amazon Etsy Stay connected and let me know how you are doing :-)

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